Moving! To goes swtorcrafter blog.

I wanted to take a minute to let all my readers know that I have decided to join in a partnership with

I am still planning on preaching the word about the “Crew Skills” system and crafting in Star Wars The Old Republic MMO by Bioware.  So don’t fear the crafting discussions will continue as long as I draw breath!

The affiliation with swtor-life will give me greater access to resources and expertise I have lacked on my own, in turn allowing me to serve the crafting community that much better.

(Plus we have many surprises for the community up our sleeve, stay tuned for more on this!)

In the next few days I will be migrating this content to that site and I will have a section set up for the “Swtorcrafter Blog” where I will again begin posting my latest articles that I have ready.

I hope that you will follow me there and help me to enhance what is already a great site built solely for the purpose of enriching the community!

Thank you to all who followed and read and commented with me here, I hope to see you at my new home soon!

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About swtorcrafter
About the author (using the term loosely) swtorcrafter is a crafter at heart, dating back to the start of the Ultima Online beta. It was there that he developed his love of massively multiplayer online game crafting systems and economies in online games. It was there that he was first introduced to what it was like to actually play online with other people. It was a grand six years. The longest he has been in any one MMO since. He has searched countless realms since trying to recapture that feeling, sometimes finding satisfaction, sometimes not. Now as he grows older he decides it is time to go all in, one last bold attempt at finding that perfect anvil, the crafting system of his dreams. Enter stage right..... Star Wars The Old Republic MMO by Bioware *Fingers crossed*

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